Common exercises to lose weight, have you tried these?

Now when it comes to weight loss, the most topic is the girl, everyone has their own different way, but the way of exercise, or more people use, so today small make up to introduce common exercise weight loss method, to see you try a few?

No. 1: jogging

As a most common one in means of motion reducing weight of most schoolgirl now motion, the muscle that can help exercise leg ministry, and athletic intensity also won’t be too tall, can achieve the effect of thin body, and such motion means is simpler and convenient, so more the welcome that gets schoolgirl.

No. 2: cycling

Although most of the cyclists are male, female students who want to lose weight can also use the form of cycling, which can exercise the linkage of legs and buttocks and play a role in burning fat. Moreover, the way of cycling can also promote environmental protection, which is worth recommending.

No. 3: skipping rope

Look jump rope carry momentum is bigger, and the athletic sex of the muscle of the whole body is stronger, can have the effect that thin body burns fat quickly so, can have the effect that thin body quickly to some extent, but the way that jump rope still wants to because of the person different.

No. 4: swimming

Swimming is also an exercise that burns more calories in aerobic exercise, but swimming can be said to be the whole exercise of weight loss, no matter which part of the proud flesh and fat are very helpful, and in the process of swimming, can make the body’s limbs appear more symmetrical.

No. 5: yoga

Yoga has been popular now inside reducing weight tribe, more and more schoolgirl can use such athletic means to undertake reducing weight thin body, and the effect of yoga still can let body and mind become more calm, and still can rise the body is symmetrical, also have very good stimulative effect to the metabolism inside airframe.

No. 6: aerobics

The motion way of aerobics is more popular namely, no matter be in outside still be in the home of oneself is to be able to be accomplished easily, and undertake dancing as music, can have better to oneself adipose burning fat effect, and the effect that reduces weight also is very apparent, basically can use up quantity of heat in great quantities.

No. 7: hula-hoops

Turn hula circle also is to belong to more common motion one of means reducing weight, and the effect that basically can help reduce schoolgirl abdomen so, have very good eliminate action to the proud flesh on the abdomen, and relative motion intensity won’t be too big.

A few problems that need to pay attention to in motion reduce weight:

First, warm up in advance

If you want to exercise to lose weight, you must be prepared to warm up in advance, so as to avoid muscle strain, ligament strain, for the exercise will have better results.

Keep exercising

Reduce weight is a longer thing originally, not be able to be finished overnight, pass so means, must insist to go on, such effect just can more apparent.

Avoid losing weight after meals

After meals is the need for stomach digestion, if exercise weight loss, easy to cause indigestion, but also can cause stomach cramps caused by appendicitis may.

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