Badminton throwing knowledge, the Angle should not be too low nor too high!




9, playing the front of the ball to pay attention to light and delicate, especially by rubbing the small ball is finger nianming racket handle to make the ball rotating through the net, play pick and push the ball is only on the strength of the finger wrist can rely on their explosive force, so can not rely on swing arm, so the ball is not in place has not erupted.

10, need to prepare to catch the kill the ball must first lower the center of gravity, lower limbs slightly flexion.

11, the return of the ball must look at the other side of the hand movement, the process of playing to look at the direction of the ball to the other side, in short, try to judge in advance.

12. The hitting point of the backfield ball must also be selected. The high ball and the drop ball should be slightly in front of the shoulder on the same side of the racket hand.

13, the back court to grasp the ball when the Angle of the racket surface, such as kill the ball to front pressure, high ball to back. In the same way, serve the high ball with the backhand of the racket face. The moment of playing the ball, the arm will be rotated from the outside to the inside, and the wrist will be extended to the flexion.

14, in addition to the technique practice, the pace practice from the beginning to the end is indispensable.

15, but also interspersed with some special quality exercises.

Pay attention to the rules (especially on serve).

The above is small make up for you to introduce the knowledge of throwing badminton, really throwing badminton if cast correctly, will reduce a lot of trouble, will not let others to pick up the ball for nothing and spend time and energy, only the ball cast well, cast accurately, others to pick up handy, so also is the ball to meet the opponent!

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