Teach you easy to lose belly fat belly is no longer a dream

Now many girls are young, has begun to appear the situation of belly, so not only will let their image big damage, but also their own troubles, not urgent, today small make up to introduce some methods to reduce belly, let you pick up your belly.

Belly fat not only damages your image, but also makes you look embarrassed when you put on your clothes, especially when you sit down.

Exercise mode:

In fact, in order to help reduce belly fat, the first recommendation is to use sports to ease, and the effect will be more obvious, effective also quickly.

The first recommended exercise: sit-ups

This is the athletic way that changes relatively common people, and the skin of action also is to be on abdomen and alvine, because the working intensity of everybody is different, want commonly so slowly circulation is gradual, unfavorable and excessive, lest bring about the condition that the body aches, and hold to for a long time, alvine can appear before you very quickly.

The second recommended sport: swimming

Swim to belong to the motion reducing weight of systemic sex, no matter want to thin the fat flesh of which place, it is to be able to achieve certain effect, still can exercise his heart and lung ability at the same time, this is the athletic means that is worth recommending very much.

The third recommended exercise: jogging

Canter can let the muscle of oneself whole body be in the condition that shake, also can accomplish the profit that shakes fat namely actually, so the proud flesh above abdomen is ok slowly fritter away, the thin body way of a lot of people also is to use the way that jogs now, visible effect still is objective.

The effect of athletic means can be opposite a bit better, and the time that action is faster also, the only thing that should notice is, want to remember to hold to motion constantly, can see small abdomen more easily so not only, and still can rise model the effect of the form, avoid rebound.
教你轻松减掉大肚腩 小肚子不再是梦


Then we will talk about the way of daily diet, in the problem of eating is also the main cause of belly fat, and this will cause the body obesity.

The first diet: eat small meals

Adhere to the principle that USES little eat much meal, it is the absorb that can control quantity of heat so, the decompose that nature is adipose to the body can bring certain profit, and also won’t appear hungry and nutrient inadequacy circumstance, it is a very good way that helps reduce weight thin body.

Second diet: eat more roughage

Coarse grain contains a lot of cellulose, cellulose can help the effect of bowel peristalsis, have very big help to defecate, can avoid so adipose accumulation, use coarse grain for a long time, you can discover paunch is not actually so terrible also.

Third way to eat: drink plenty of water

Water can help to clean up the intestinal tract, but also for the body’s metabolism has a great help, so for the removal of proud flesh can also have a very good effect, and water is every day must supplement nutrients, so drink more harmless.

Paunch is a thing that girls hate, and want to eliminate is not so difficult, just to see their will is strong enough, small make up the answer has all said, hope can give you help.

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