How does the woman reduce weight in period have the effect most

In the process that the woman is reducing weight, must not forget period such golden time, although be the body is weaker when, but should reduce weight only proper, so the effect of thin body also can be very apparent, follow with small make up look together.

Period to lose weight, actually is the use of women in menstrual period when the body hormone change stage for thin body, in menstrual period coming week most commonly, the levels of hormones in the body will be rising phenomenon, this is the best time for women to lose weight, and weight loss both diet and exercise can achieve the result of comparison, mainly because the metabolic ability of ascension, so do a lot of things can see results, but after this period of time, the body of the hormone levels and will begin to decrease, if not timely keep plan reducing weight, it is easy to rebound.

Women in the period of time is can exercise, it is best to the above period came after a week’s time, this paragraph of time is the best of the effect reducing weight, but the games period of time may be a more sad, but there are simple activities is also very good burning fat effect, so try to don’t let yourself miss such an opportunity, or if you want to have, can only wait for the next month.

And pay attention to the diet of timing quantitative, qi and blood can get plenty of work, and to avoid the blood sugar fluctuation occurs, so as not to cause the body appear anemia, the condition of the menstrual cycle is not recommended for women with eating sweets, because sweets in the menstrual period effect is very obvious, may lose weight have yet to see, their weight are starting to rise, so be sure to avoid intake of sweets.

Period to lose weight is more important, so don’t advocate to lose weight by dieting, menstruation is a woman a weak moment, at this moment need to replenish nutrition, but also attention to the absorption of iron, so it can reduce the harm to the body, because in the special period, the effects of weight loss is big, so there is no other way to lose weight, diet, do not exist.

In about two weeks after the physiological period, the body’s hormone will continue to fall, this time the speed of metabolic with will fall, so if you still don’t pay attention to diet and exercise, is easy to rebound, but also can appear the accumulation of fat, so a woman was more troubling things, is the need to keep good habits, so to lose weight to refueling oh.

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