Pu ‘er tea’s effect and effect, reduce weight and fat!





Pu ‘er tea has six functions

Fall fat, reduce weight, buck pressure, fight arteriosclerosis to be pu er tea action. Long-term consumption of pu ‘er tea can reduce cholesterol and glycerin, so drinking pu ‘er tea has the effect of weight loss. The effect of pu ‘er tea can also make people’s blood vessels diastole, blood pressure drop, heart rate slow down and brain blood flow reduction, so high blood pressure and cerebral arteriosclerosis patients have a good treatment.

Cancer prevention, cancer prevention.

Nourishing stomach and protecting stomach is also one of the functions of pu ‘er tea. At the appropriate concentration, drinking peaceful pu ‘er tea has no stimulating effect on the stomach. The viscous, smooth and full-bodied pu ‘er tea enters the stomach and forms a film attached to the surface of the stomach, which produces a beneficial protective layer for the stomach. Long-term drinking of pu ‘er tea can play a role in nourishing and protecting the stomach.

Good teeth care. Pu ‘er tea contains many physiological active ingredients, which have the function of sterilization and disinfection.

Antiphlogistic, bactericidal, cure dysentery. Medical research and clinical experiments have proved the effect of pu ‘er tea. Yunnan pu ‘er tea has antibacterial effect and strong tea juice can be taken ten times a day to treat bacterial dysentery, which is directly related to the abundant tea polyphenols in yunnan large-leaf tea.

Anti-aging is the most important function of pu ‘er tea. Catechin compounds in tea have anti-aging effects. The total amount of catechin in yunnan large-leaf tea is higher than that of other tea varieties, and its anti-aging effect is better than that of other teas. At the same time, in the processing of pu ‘er tea, macromolecular polysaccharides are transformed into a large number of new soluble monosaccharides and oligosaccharides, and vitamin C is multiplied. These substances play an important role in improving the function of human immune system, and play a role in health and longevity.

Above is the effect of pu ‘er tea and role, it is the same as ordinary tea has the effect of weight loss, but there are many other effects, such as cancer prevention, cancer, lipid-lowering, blood pressure, anti-atherosclerosis and other effects, is the tea of tea, quality oh!

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