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The Spring Festival holiday has passed, the happiest holiday in a year, is the Spring Festival. Sleep till nature awakens, eat till eleven, stay at home, watch TV and play games. The holidays are great, BUT you weigh them. Hide a face to cry, again fat several jins. So, how should be the food adjusted after the festival? How to lose weight effectively?

1, when we are in the process of losing fat and weight, we must pay attention to diet control. Eating small, frequent meals is an appropriate way to efficiently spread the stress of digestion and absorption from the stomach.

2. Whether it is reasonable weight loss after the holiday or weight control in daily life, the first thing is to cultivate a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle mainly depends on regular diet and rest.

3. Effective weight management requires a long process, and it should not be rushed.

During the holidays, and when we diet, work and rest, such as irregular, daily intake of calories is exorbitant, sleep late, don’t love, it is easy to cause the post-holiday weight increased, most of the workers to work after a week or so, the body can heal itself and adapt to work again after working rhythm of life.

The emptying of the human stomach usually takes 4 to 6 hours, so it makes sense to have a meal every 2 to 3 hours. Therefore, eating less and more meals is a reasonable way to eat.
教你怎么吃不胖 女神们快看过来

Secondly, attention “ Reset & throughout; The body’s sense of hunger and fullness can be used to regulate the central nervous system’s regulation of the body. The process of losing weight and fat must be controlled by diet.

Therefore, on the basis of a balanced diet, to control the total amount of food, learn to let the body slowly adapt to the new. Satiety & throughout; .

In addition, also need 3 months to 6 months of persistence. So, losing weight is really not easy. Cut down and can maintain, is really a superwoman, small make up the knee, we encourage together.

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